Hello, 2014.

2013 was a year full of ups and downs for me. Celebrated one year with the fantastic Big Red. Performed in a play, in front of judges. Won outstanding graphic design at that same competition. Left Chilliwack and my job of 3+ years to pursue a fantastic opportunity in Vancouver. Moved in with Big Red. Fantastic job turns out to not be so fantastic in the end. About two months of soul searching and job hunting leaves me with a new amazing opportunity with SanMar Canada as their new Junior Graphic Designer (starting on Monday!).

So, with 2013 over, it’s in with 2014 – and a list of projects I’d like to get started on. Let’s face it, I’m kind of a procrastinator.

I don’t like to admit it. No one likes to hear it. But there is it. I. Am. A. Procrastinator. Only really with my own personal projects, of course!

Sometimes it is hard to get into a groove.

But today, I am making a decision internet!

I will art EVERY DAY. I’ve said it before, I know. But, so many other things have taken up my time, I really need to get back into the things that I fell in love with.

As soon as I’m done with this blog post, I will walk out into my dining room, set up all of my supplies, and start painting something awesome.

And as always, I will post the results here!


One part of Iridescence is sold!

If you recall me winning the UFV Wine Label competition with my two paintings in the series Iridescence last year, you’ll know that I was overwhelmed by the recognition I received for my work.

Well, this past week, I was lucky enough to sell the Iridescence in Blue to my roommates brother!

Let’s wave a fond farewell to blue, and perhaps in the new year another will be added to the series.

Until then, I’ll be arting it up most of the winter break, and enjoying the time off before I start my new job in the new year.

Iridescence - Study in Blue

Updated some things!

Hi! So I’ve updated a bit of the layout here on my site yesterday. Just trying some new things with the menus, and organizing my work onto separate pages. Took out the about me section, but added a info image at the right of this post. I think it’s awesome and I hope you do too.

I’ve also been organizing my work, and decided to try out the menus feature for this website theme. It’s pretty nifty, and now everything is all in it’s own place. Cool!

I’ll be posting more artwork soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Vacation recap!

Hello to those who read my blog here! Hi. Hey. How’s it going?


I was on vacation for one whole week last week. It was so good to relax – and visit with my aunt in Victoria, go swimming (and inherit a much smaller bathing suit!) at the Sooke Pot Holes, sit under the stars on the beach late into the night, see Avenue Q on Granville island, see NEIL GAIMAN read a chapter from his new book *nerd girl squealing* and SIGN his new book, spend lots of time with Jessy, spending time with friends, new and old…and generally enjoying life!

I have a few photos from my week off, as well as some arts for your viewing pleasure!

Once things settle down, and I’ve shared some good news…soon, I will post more of my art that I’m working on. It’s a fair amount, so hold onto your hats!


Feeling all motivated and what not!

Boy, when you miss updating on a blog for a few days, lots of things sure do happen!

Last week was very very good in terms of art creation.

Below is Blue Leaf- a supposedly second painting I made last week to pair with Green Leaf. Maybe it is…more than anything, I’m really digging this nature theme I have going with my current body of abstract work, so I’ll stick with Series of Leaves  as the title of these works. Blue Leaf is actually 12″ x 12″, a lot smaller than it’s predecessor. I enjoy working constricted to a smaller canvas though, it can speed up the process, and often times, I’ll rework my original ideas.

Blue Leaf

“Blue Leaf” – acrylic on canvas

This week will see me pretty busy with other projects at work, as well as scheduled evening fun times after work (including a launch of the Centre’s 2013-14 Season, a performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and so much more…) so it will be slim postings from here on in.

Is there a WordPress app? Maybe that’s the solution to posting art and inspiration on the go? I will look into this further. Until then! Cheers!!


It has been a week!

And there has been little art in the past week, but, BUT -

I was just finishing up black edging on two paintings!
The Green Leaf painting from two weeks ago, and the beginnings of a new little 12″x12″ painting.

I also painted another coat of white on an older guitar that I am sprucing up and making all artsy.

So, there was some arts, but not fun arts. Only mandatory ones!

There shall be more tomorrow, stay tuned!

There has been some arts!

Yes, I will admit that there has been some creativity happening in my life, although not the personal kind. At work I was asked to take on the task of redesigning a curriculum for a summer camp this week while a replacement instructor was hired. At first, yes, I was overwhelmed…and who wouldn’t be? But I’ve come to really enjoy myself so far, and seeing all the adorable projects that were completed today, I can gather that the rest of the week will be such fun.

It’s a space themed camp and that makes it so much more amazing.

I was thinking of doing a quick sketch of a plant this evening, or my cat. Either way, something quick, because I am bone tired from exercising and stay up on my feet all day. When you exercise and then sit all day, it’s okay…but more than that and I feel like my legs are all jelly.